Attract and Retain More Customers

Marketing Analytics for Retail Electric Providers

Increase Revenue with Customer Segmentation

Energy customers can be grouped more accurately than the typical retail customer and segmentation is proven to increase engagement and revenue. Get deep insight using REPSelect’s predictive models to estimate customer attrition and value.

Marketing Automation and CRM designed for Retail Electricity


Trigger targeted actions

Automatically follow each customer through their contract term and keep them engaged with timely marketing campaigns.


Manage activities in one place

Our visual dashboards will help you track everything about your campaigns, from channel acquisitions to retention offers.


Optimize Pricing

REPSelect tracks market prices to help you tailor new products and renewal offers that meet profitability and sales objectives.

Maximize Marketing Spend with Performance Tracking

Real-time feedback from campaigns can help you direct marketing dollars where it’s most effective. Reward and retain your most loyal customers with the budget to invest in new plans and products.

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